Guidelines on Disclosure of NPEs

We have completed the implementation of the new Disclosure Requirements as published by the European Banking Authority (EBA) in EBA/GL/2018/10.

The Guideline includes a total of ten (10) disclosure templates. Four (4) of these templates are to be prepared by all financial institutions while the other six (6) templates are only to be prepared by institutions meeting certain criteria (significant credit institutions with gross NPL ration of 5% or above).

A new module has been added within FRCS that automates the preparation of the Disclosure Requirements. This module, however, has a pre-requisite that FINREP is also licensed and automated through our application as the automation of hte disclosures requires the underlying data and analysis available within FINREP.

Guidelines on Disclosure of NPEs

The Guidelines on Disclosure of non performing and forborne exposures will apply from 31 Dec. 2019

BAR Testing Completed

BAR Testing is over. Go-Live in two weeks!

Bank Accounts Register (BAR)

Preparations for BAR Testing are been completed

New Offices Renovation Completed

The renovations at our new offices have been completed and we have relocated

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