MG Paradigm Partnership

A.E. Prognosys Solutions Limited, along with its siter company Fusion Compliance Technologies have reached a tri-party partnership agreement with MG Paradigm Consultancy Services.

The agreement is deemed very significant by all three companies as it establishes for the collaboration of the companies in sharing experiences, knowledge and resources in the complementary geographies they operate and products they offer.

MG Paradgm offers Rabbit-Hole, a New Generation Regulatory Compliance Management System (RCMS). It helps provide a unified framework for Regulatory Compliance and Governance filled with a breath of features that we have not seen in any othe product.

Guidelines on Disclosure of NPEs

The Guidelines on Disclosure of non performing and forborne exposures will apply from 31 Dec. 2019

BAR Testing Completed

BAR Testing is over. Go-Live in two weeks!

Bank Accounts Register (BAR)

Preparations for BAR Testing are been completed

New Offices Renovation Completed

The renovations at our new offices have been completed and we have relocated

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