Account Management & Workflow

The Account Management & Workflow System (AMWS) is a Browser Based application system aiming at automating Complex and Critical Workflows within the Financial Sector. Currently the following Processes / Workflows are supported under AMWS:
  • Impairment Calculation(Individual & Collective) under IFRS 9
    • Calculation of Probability of Default (PD)
    • Calculation of Cure Rates
    • Calculation of Loss Given Default (LGD)
    • Use of Macroeconomic Data to enable Point in Time as well as Projections of the variables as required
    • 12 Month and Lifetime Expected Credit Losses (ECL) under three scenarios (Benchmark, Optimistic, Pessimistic)
  • Arrears Management
    • Monitors the Arrears of each Credit Facility and applies specific workflows so as to aid in the timely identification and mitigation of Arrears to prevent Facilities becoming Non-Performing.
  • Restructuring Facilities Management
    • Allows for the automation of the entire workflow related to the Restructuring Process from initiation (Bank / Client), Terms Negotiation to the final terms agreed. Also, provides for Appeals and Complain Management.
  • NPL & Forborne Facilities Classification Engine
    • Monitors the Entry and Exit Criteria as set forth by the Financial Institution in response to the Recommendations of the European Banking Authority for establishing when a Credit Facility may be considered
      • Performing / Non-Performing;
      • Forborne / Non-Forborne;
      • Also including all relevant details, audit trail as well as Entry and Exit Dates.
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