Non Performing and Forborne Facilities

The Non-Performing and Forborne Facilities report, is essentially comprised of the FINREP 18 & 19 tables.  The local regulators require the submission of these two tables in a separate Excel template on a monthly basis, for the monitoring of Non-Performing as well as Forborne Facilities.  The said facilities are analysed by a number of additional fields, such as days in arrears, default and impaired status and unlikeliness to pay, essentially reflecting the major parameters taken into consideration for the classification of exposures in the non-performing and forborne statuses.  Over and above gross balances, information on impairment and collaterals on associated facilities is also presented.  
The report is also submitted as a stand-alone file along with the FINREP submission.  As such, all EBA validations are fully supported to ensure that the two reports remain aligned. 
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