The Central Credit Register (CCR) implements a solution as a response to the Directive for the Operation of a System or Mechanism for the Exchange, Collection and Provision of Data.

Based on the provided documentation two reporting streams are implemented one to the local Regulator and one to the data administrator (Credit Register).
Data is submitted into its most granular form for each on and off balance sheet credit facility including details about:
  • the actual facility and its characteristics;
  • the Counterparties involved;
  • the collaterals / guarantees associated
The Data Submission to the Data Administrator consists of seven (7) XML files providing a logical segregation of the reportable attributes. The submission includes information sensitive in nature to the reporting agent which is not to be disclosed to the Central Credit Register (e.g. amount of impairment for each facility).

Strict naming conventions for the submitted files are enforced as the file name contains useful information required for the processing.
The CCR Reporting Module of FRCS complies with all the requirements of the Central Credit Register Directive. It supports both reporting streams. The outputs are generated as per the requirements of each reporting stream. Additionally, tabular outputs, easier to be read, understood and analysed, are also provided to assist the reporting agents in reviewing the data prior to submitting it.

Tthe CCR Reporting module also implements all Data Validations required by the regulation and includes additional validations to further ensure the completeness and quality of the final outputs.

A companion API is also provided to this module. This API allows reporting Agents to perform enquiries to the Central Credit Register and retrieve the required data in an automated manner which may be later used for internal processes e.g. loan origination / credit review.
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