The Monthly Flows Statistics report, aims at examining the true transactional movement between two reference months in the European Union.  This is achieved by the comparison of the BSI (monthly balance sheet report) and the exclusion of statistical reclassifications and monetary revaluations of balance sheet items.  Both of these fall under the submission scope of the Monthly Flows report, based on the ECB Regulations ECB/2013/33 (recast of ECB/2008/32) and ECB/2014/15 (also under its fifth major revision).  As per the Monthly Interest Rates report, the Flows backbone follows the BSI (Balance Sheet Regulation) implementation by the Central Bank of Cyprus, where balance sheet items are broken in 15 major schedules with the aid of the RBL Code.  The majority of the 47 variables used in the Monthly Balance Sheet are compared on a monthly basis to trace statistical changes on the accounts comprising the report.  The comparison is limited to fields presenting statistical classifications (e.g. country of residence, EINS Code, NACE code etc) and not monetary values, tracing corrections at an account level performed between the two months.  These changes, most commonly known as reclassifications, are summed up and submitted with a double-entry notion, to represent the category from which an item was removed from, and the category to which the item was moved to, due to the change in variables.  Changes in monetary values not attributed to real transactions, called revaluations, are also submitted.  Such changes include loan write-off transactions, depreciation of fixed assets, as well as price revaluations of bonds/shares/derivatives.  As such, reclassifications and revaluations submitted are used by the ECB to remove the effect of such changes from the balance sheet movement, leaving back the effect of true transactions between two reference months. 
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