Monthly Balance Sheet Return (MBSR)

The Monthly Balance Sheet was the first Statistical Report introduced to Cyprus Banks, after Cyprus joined the European Union back in 2004.  Now under its fifth major revision, it follows the ECB Regulations ECB/2013/33 and ECB/2014/15, which are re-casts of the original directives (ECB/2008/32 and ECB/2007/09 respectively), also known as the BSI regulations.  The report presents information broken down in fifteen major schedules, with the help of a notional general ledger code classification, most commonly known as the RBL Code.  An additional set of four schedules has been added, which also presents non-balance sheet information, mainly concerning business performed on a trustee basis. Apart from the RBL Code, the report presents information in basic classifications such as the Country of Residence and the EINS Code (representing customer type segmentation).  A total of 47 variables are used throughout the report, which forms a tree structure of schedules and sub-schedules.  Schedules 1 to 8 (along with their sub-schedules) present information on Assets, 9-13 present information on Liabilities, 14 presents information on Capital and Reserves, while 15 analyses information on Off-Balance Sheet items.
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