Following the BSI (Balance Sheet) Regulations, the Monthly Interest Rates Report also falls under the Statistical umbrella of the ECB reporting, arising from Regulations ECB/2013/34 (re-cast of ECB/2001/18) and ECB/2014/15.  Currently under its fourth major revision, its implementation by the Central Bank of Cyprus follows the specifications and logic of the Monthly Balance Sheet return, presenting average interest rate information on two major balance sheet categories, Loans and Deposits to Non-MFIs (i.e. customers excluding Monetary Financial Institutions/Banks).  The report is limited in scope to data regarding residents of Monetary Union Member states, as well as instruments granted in Euro only.  Average Interest Rates are subdivided in New Business for the reporting month as well as Outstanding business (which also includes the former).  The same basic breakdown using RBL Codes, EINS Codes and Country of Residence (as per the Balance Sheet) is used, along with a set of additional variables, the majority of which are shared with the BSI.  Weighted average interest rates using the AAR or NDER calculation methodology are submitted, whereas for new Loans granted during the period, the APRC is also requested. 
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