Securitizations and Other Loan Transfers

Introduced in 2014, after the World Economic Crisis which affected a significant number of Banks in the European Union, the monthly securitizations report is based on definitions related with Regulations EC/575/2013 and EC/1075/2013.  Following the same implementation structure as the BSI (Balance Sheet), the report follows the effect of the risk transfer due to the disposal/transfer of loans to/from banking institutions and Financial Vehicle Corporations (FVCs) resident in the Monetary Union.  Loans disposed or acquired within the reference month, through a simple loan transfer/sale or securitization transaction are analysed using basic statistical fields (such as the country of residence, EINS Code etc), along with existing stocks of transferred loans, serviced either by the reporting MFI or FVC associated in the transfer.  The report is broken down in two major parts, requiring end of month balances and transactions performed within the month, as well as monthly flows (as per the Monthly Flows Statistics report) representing statistical reclassifications or other monetary revaluations on the existing stock of transferred/securitized loans.
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