Joining the magnitude of reports introduced after the economic crisis, the Loan Arrears Matrix Report was implemented in 2015 as a monthly obligation.  The report seeks to capture the flow of credit facilities between two reference months, mainly focusing on the shift of major parameters such as arrears, performing and forbearance (i.e. restructuring) statuses, as well as termination and normal repayment.  The facilities are allocated on a total basis within a matrix comparing their aforementioned statuses as at the end of the previous reporting month and the statuses as at the end of the reference month.  Monetary movements such as interest and charges, repayments, write-off adjustments etc, are required in order to reconcile the opening and closing balances between the two periods.  Furthermore, information on new lending and restructurings must be plugged in – all of these are used to set up an approximate balance reconciliation between the two reference periods.
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