The Weekly Return of Deposits and Lending (WDL) is a report that must be prepared and submitted on a weekly basis by Monetary Financial Institutions. 

Introduced in 2007 under the CBC Regulation BS 9060/6048, the report’s basic requirement is the submission of the status of Deposits and Loans on a Weekly Basis.  The requirement  may also extend to a daily basis submission on a case by case basis.  Split in three major tables, Table A provides a brief overview of the Deposits and Lending for the reference day being processed, with major breakdowns by EINS Code, Residency and Currency. Table B is comparison/difference of the current week/day being processed with the previous week or day.  Major differences above a pre-specified threshold are analysed by EINS Code, for both deposits and lending.  Table C analyses loans based on the same logic as table B, the only difference being that differences above a pre-specified threshold are analysed by NACE Code.
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