DAC6 Update

Based on the Council of the European Union Directive 2018/822 amending the Directive 2011/16/EU as regards to the mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation and utilizing the relevant XML Schema Files we have completed the development of our solution for the reporting of Cross-borded Tax Arrangements known as DAC6.

Our solution may be used for the capture and enrichment of the required data to be reported as part of DAC6. It also maintains a register of Reportable and Reported arrangements and assists the compliance function by showing the status of each report (e.g. in Progress, Filled to Authorities, Accepted by Regulator, ...).


Central Electronic System of Payment Information

CESOP - The Central Electronic System of Payment Information comes into force on 1st Jan. 2024

Best Solution for Tax Compliance

FRCS has won the Best Solution for Tax Compliance Award

FRCS is now XBRL Certified

Prognosys Financial Reporter Compliance Suite is now XBRL Certified

Infonet Strategic Partnership

We are Proud to announce our Strategic Partnership Agreement with Infonet Systems Integration

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