Payment Statistics

2021 has proven to be a very busy year, probably the busiest since 2004 that we have been working in this industry.

40% of the existing Regulatory Reporting Obligations had updates and new reports have been requested by the Regulators. And this is while we are still working under the shadow of the COVID19 Pandemic!

The good news is that we have sorted out ALL other reporting changes and have now started our work on the automation of the Payment Statistics Reporting. The Analysis and Design phases have been completed and our team is now working hard to develop and integrated this new reporting requirement within FRCS so that it will be available to be used by you well ahead of the first reporting deadline!

Central Electronic System of Payment Information

CESOP - The Central Electronic System of Payment Information comes into force on 1st Jan. 2024

Best Solution for Tax Compliance

FRCS has won the Best Solution for Tax Compliance Award

FRCS is now XBRL Certified

Prognosys Financial Reporter Compliance Suite is now XBRL Certified

Infonet Strategic Partnership

We are Proud to announce our Strategic Partnership Agreement with Infonet Systems Integration

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