The various Regulatory Returns (Modules) automated by the AML Series include:
  •  Anti-Money Laundering Return (AML - UBO)
  •  Large Cash Transactions and Funds Transfers (LCTFT)
  •  Semi-Annual Anti-Money Laundering Return (AML - RBA)
  •  GoAML (SAR & STR) Reporting (GoAML)
AML Return (UBO)

AML Report presenting an aggregated view of Deposits and Loans by the Country of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of each account.

Large Cash Transactions and Funds Transfers

Monthly Reporting of Large Cash Transactions and Funds Transfer as per the Fifth AML Directive

Semi-Annual AML RBA Return

Semi-Annual AML Return on Risk Based Approach

GoAML Reporting

goAML is a software solution developed by the Enterprise Application Center Vienna to combat money-laundering.

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