The Statistical Returns are a response to the collection and reporting of Statistical Data as per the relevant European Central Bank (ECB) Directives. Local EU Regulators collect this data and then submit it to the ECB for further aggregation and processing. The ECB provides this data in its Statistical Data Warehouse. In 2015 the underlying ECB directives mentioned above have been re-casted. The major change being the adoption of the ESA 2010 codes as opposed to the ESA 95. As a consequence the entire set of Statistical Returns has been updated to accommodate and comply with the same.

The various Reglatory Returns (Modules) included within the Statistical Series include:
  •  Monthly Balance Sheet Return (MBSR)
  •  Monthly Interest Rate Statistics Return (MIR)
  •  Monthly Flows Statistical Data Return (FSR)
  •  Monthly Statement of the Reserve Base (MRB)
  •  SECuritizations and Other Loan Transfers Return (SEC)
  •  Statistical Variance Tools (SVT)
Monthly Balance Sheet Return (MBSR)

Part of the ECB Statistics the Monthly Balance Sheet Return is submitted monthly, 8 working days after the end of the reference period.

Monthly Interest Rate Statistics

The Monthly Interest Rate Statistics Return is part of the ECB Statistics Package. It is submitted Monthly, 12 Working Days after the end of the...

Monthly FLOWS Statistics

The Monthly Flows Statistics Returns is part of the ECB Statistics. It is submitted Monthly, 12 working days after the end of the reference month.

Securitizations and Other Loan Transfers

The latest addition to the ECB Statistical Returns is submitted on a Monthly Basis, 8 working days after the end of the reference Month.

Statistical Variance Tool

Statistical Variance Tool (SVT) is a collection of Variance Metrics allowing an instution to "compare" two diferent Statistical Returns...

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